goddesignedpunchbootstrap1200 x 450
developed for Project Space, Rotterdam
second version @ Playful Arts Festival, Breda
third version @ Tilt Festival, Tilburg

A stand-alone installation that grew of out of the concept to create a bowl of punch that still looks like a bowl of fruit. God Designed Punch simulates that the fruits, ripe with alcohol, fall from the horn of abundance through a series of cutters and disappear into a cloud of powdered sugar, only to re-appear as sliced punch in solid form.
Each visitor can take the giant pitchfork, steal a piece of fruit from the horn, wield it up to the ceiling and load it into the punch box which is attached to the ceiling. It will start a guided fall towards the floor, where it lands in a bowl to be automatically sliced and sugercoated. Each fruit can be taken along on a small plate with a fork.
If one of God’s marvels is for fruit to turn into alcohol, why can’t we just directly have cider fall from trees?’

Special requirements:
a ceiling or fixing structure at least 5m high and occasional surveillance/refilling.

Inform yourself about the possibilities and/or book us through; info@eatartcollective.nl.

Written by kompaan