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PROEVEN#   self initiated project 2014-2016

The PROEVEN# were a 3-year series of interactive video-nights where we investigate everyday food phenomena together with the audience.
From now on, you can book your own customised PROEF#-night for groups of min. 10 people.


“Proeven” means tasting as well as testing, which are both perfect investigation tools.
A typical PROEVEN# evening consists of a few blocks of short videos with an experiment at the end of each block. Guests actively participate in these experiments. Each evening has a food-related theme (basically anything) and an external guest-curator who is an expert in that field. Together with the guest-curator, the Kompanen present an overview of what is happening within that field and present it to the guests in any media form, preferably online instruction videos. We collect all the necessary equipment and knowledge to perform the resulting experiments, but we DON’t test results beforehand. This creates an atmosphere were it is OK to fail, share knowledge and discover together.

Experimental as they are, the evenings involve enough food for your daily evening dose and we always aim for a tasty ending.

You can check most of our experimental playlists through our Youtube-channel or by clicking on the (underlined) themes below.

Previous themes – FOOD & …
– SMOKE — Sasker Scheerder (Manenwolf’s Rokerij & Foodlab)
BREAD — Angelique van de Venne (Broodnodig)
SWEET — Asnate Bockis & Anastasia de Ruyter (Lof der Zoetheid)
– MELK — Bas de Groot & Mariske Verhulst (Voord & Wij)- Onion

SEXEN — Milica Trakilovic & Yvette Luhrs
SPIRITUALITY — Maurits Hofman & Thípi
FERMENTATION — Paul Absil & Sanne Zwart (Ferme Kolen)
COFFEE — John Schot (Schot Koffie)
SOUND — Tasteful Turntable & Muziekbonbon
FAT — Snackbar Tante Nel

Thanks to the Gemeente Rotterdam, the Condomerie and many others for supporting this initiative.

Inform yourself about the possibilities and/or book us through;

Written by kompaan