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developed by EAT ART collective & media artist Jasper van Loenen
first version @ Doenersfeest, Schiedam
third version postponed until further notice

This multi-layered cocktail machine is a dazzling mix of color, light, technology and alcohol that is a perfect centerpiece for a party. Every drink it produces is unique and all natural. The Technicolor Punchprinter is our most advanced machine for sure!

On the one hand there is a debate on colouring in food. Artificial colouring is used to trick us into thinking plastic cheese is nutricious, processed meat is fresh and candy contains real fruit. Colours are easy to be abused as we have a strong relationship with them. Colours were essential to our survival and hence play a large cultural role as well. With the Technicolor Punchprinter, we reverse engineerde “the drink”. When common large soda brands want us to taste lemon in their mix of sugars, acids and fizz, they will colour it yellow. In this installation, we investigate the cultural value of Yellow. What does it mean? Is it life, is it spring, is it simple, is it energetic? Where do we find yellow? Ultimately, we translate that into ingredients and into a drink.

On the other, there is the science of good cocktail making. A good punch is a brillant mix of flavour, smell and visuals. And fizz. As this is a Technicolor Punchprinter, it runs on four cartridges of black, red, yellow and blue and lots of carbonized water. These four colours don’t produce FOUR drinks, but INFINITE varieties of unique blends. This means each of the colours needs to be interesting by itself, as well as prefectly mixable with two of the others. Yes, this is cocktailshakers nightmare. Yet, we had a willing team of guineapigs and so far, results have been more than satisfactory.

Lastly, events where lots of people meet each other with some alcohol are social blenders. The Technicolor Punchprinter is designed to facilitate and reinforce this behaviour. By its nature, it requires at least three people to operate it, will only produce drinks in quantities of ten and each drink will taste differently. This requires discussion, co-operation and readyness to share your drinks, resulting in a classic example of social design.

Participants are welcome in groups of 3-5. On each side of the printer, big sliders can be moved to choose a colours and a degree of darkness. Once the choices have been made, two people move to the side of the printer to move the printer head from left to right. The third person navigates the place by shouting to the others and presses the ‘print’ button when the head hovers over the right cup. In about 3 minutes, ten cups are filled with a gradient of foaming punch. From the first chosen colour on the left, to the second chosen colour on the right. The illuminated trays can be taken from the printer and the drinks share with bystanders. Or not.

Many many thanks to Jasper van Loenen for the development of the brains behind the machine. See more of his work on jaspervanloenen.com.

Development of the Technicolor Punchprinter has been paused to favor other meaningful projects, like Powder to the People.

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Written by kompaan